We lead organisations through the design process


'I'm starting a new project...'
We can help you define a project plan

Typical activities

  • Project planning workshops to map out the important stages of the project
  • Research recruitment and planning to involve end-users in the design process
  • Development of a measurement framework to evaluate the effectiveness of the user experience

'I'm establishing a UX design team ...'
We can help you define your recruitment needs, processes and tools

Typical activities

  • Recruitment advice and job descriptions to help recruit the right person
  • Review of existing design processes to identify areas of improvement
  • Creation of guides and introduction to new tools to help improve the efficiency of the team

'I'm bringing design thinking to my organisation...'We can help educate your organisation on the benefits of a design-led culture

Typical activities

  • Keynote presentations to help educate the broader organisation on design thinking
  • Coaching and mentoring to raise the skills of team members transitioning to design-led roles
  • Consultation with executives to help guide organsational restructures

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