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A new way for care providers to send secure messages

ConnectingCare - Designed for Telstra Health

"Help us redesign our software so we can focus on growth."
- General Manager at ConnectingCare

An intuitive secure messaging app that can be used by any Australian health organisation

It's still common to see health organisations faxing patient details and referrals to one another, hoping the message gets through. ConnectingCare aims to kill the fax machine and make it easy to send patient information securely.

If your doctor recommends that you need to see a physio about your back pain, she'll write a referral describing your problem and fax it off to the physio. Hopefully the physio receives the referral, understands it and makes an appointment for you. You'll make a speedy recovery! 

But, sometimes the physio doesn't understand the referral so they ignore it or it gets lost in that mountain of paper next to the fax machine. Now you're annoyed and back to square one. And if your referral was for something more serious you're really in trouble. Some doctors go as far as saying patients are dying because of inadequate IT systems.

ConnectingCare was created to fix this problem. It helps organisations find the right provider for their patient, lets them compare costs and wait times and ensures they include the right information to get their referral accepted.

ConnectingCare had an existing solution that was servicing the local area well but needed a system that would allow them to scale. They hired Navy to redesign their legacy system from the ground up.

Improving the success of referrals

We visited a range of health organisations and interviewed people who send and receive referrals to better understand how we could improve the process for them. We noticed the anxiety that set in as soon as they sent off a referral.

"I really hope this referral is accepted. If it's not, I'll have to do it all again in two weeks time." 

Referrals fail when the sender doesn't include the right information. The new ConnectingCare guides people through each step of the process and ensures they include the necessary information.

The redesigned ConnectingCare website launched in 2015 and is helping them attract larger customers nation wide.

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