We believe great design can lead to better health


It's not about pretty pictures. Good design can:

  • Change behaviour
  • Help people use data to make healthier decisions
  • Prevent mistakes
  • Free up clinical time
  • Make healthcare more accessible
  • Lead to quicker, more accurate diagnosis

We work with people on the front lines of healthcare

Collaboration with the experts is invaluable.

  • We work directly with innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs to create new products
  • We bring a culture of design to health organisations
  • We help turn legacy systems into modern apps
  • We work directly with developers to ensure the final product is true to the design

Design Aid 
We're giving underfunded health projects access to great design.

Twice a year we invest our time with an individual or team tackling a difficult health problem. The goal is to take your product to the next level through great design using one of our services. Learn more about Design Aid.


Design Principles for eHealth

After years of designing digital health products, we're created these design principles to help others build things that are a joy to use.
Read our 5 Design Principles for eHealth