Designing for an Ageing Population

As the elderly population grows in size  –  it’s expected to double by 2050 – there’s a huge focus on creating products and services to help people stay healthy and live in their homes longer.

Technology companies and health insurers are racing to create products that meet these needs. There are smart home sensors to keep people living independently, telehealth services for video chat with care givers, and an endless amount of connected devices that make it easy to record blood pressure, weight or just about anything.

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Written by Brett Warren
Co-founder & Designer at Navy Design

We've got a new mission. It's time to redesign the health industry.

5 years ago today, Marc, Ollie, Brett and I were hunched over our computers in Ollie's living room wondering what they hell we were doing. We had no clients, no website, we didn’t even have a name. Like everyone who starts a business, we had no idea if what we were doing would work.

Navy has come a long way since then, and we've got a new mission we're ready to share.

The problem with being a “problem solver”

“The rule I teach my students, is: Do not solve the problem that’s asked of you. It’s almost always the wrong problem. Almost always when somebody comes to you with a problem, they’re really telling you the symptoms and the first and the most difficult part of design is to figure out what is really needed to get to the root of the issue and solve the correct problem.” - Don Norman